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Gila Greenfield is an Israeli artist who lives and works in Tel Aviv.


Greenfield mainly works in the media of painting and collage. In her work, she investigates the relationship between living spaces and the presence and absence of figures in them. The rooms in Greenfield’s works are assembled from photos from European and Japanese design magazines from the 1950s and 1960s, and from an Internet-based design program. In her works, Greenfield juxtaposes the illusionary depth of detailed, polished design elements with peeling walls, loosely washed flat backgrounds and dripping color, creating a tension between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional.


The living room in Greenfield’s paintings and collages becomes a meeting place of different times, cultures and points of view. Her paintings stage an encounter between the aesthetic and the crumbling and between the seductive and the abandoned. The motif of the woman as a symbol of beauty and a source of strength repeats in her work.


Greenfield has received a scholarship to study contemporary urban mural painting in France with Cité Création and she is currently a member of the artist group Artist Unit-e. Greenfield’s works have been exhibited in various exhibitions in Israel.

Photo credit: Olya Korshunova


2011 - 2014        Maya Cohen Levi, Chadar Avoda Art Studio, Tel Aviv Artists’ class

2001 - 2002      Cité Création Mural Painting Company, Lyon, France

                           specialization in Urban Murals on buildings, Trompe l’oeil

1995 - 1997       Jordan Wolfson Studio, Jerusalem, advanced studies in Figurative Art

1992 - 1995       Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Vital), B.A. in Visual Communication


awards & scholarships

2001      Scholarship and residence in Lyon, France, awarded by the Jerusalem Municipality


solo exhibitions

2010      “Fata Morgana”, The Artists House, Tel Aviv


selected group exhibitions

2016      Fresh Paint 8 Art Fair, Independent Artists’ Green House, Yarid Hamizrach, Port of Tel Aviv

2016      “Iran Iran”, Kaye College Gallery, Beersheva

2015      “Erotica”, Zadic Gallery, Tel Aviv

2015      “Transportrait”, The Gay Center, Tel Aviv

2014      “Pauza”,  Zadic Gallery, Tel Aviv

2014      “The Female Dimension”, Hakir Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012      “The 9”, The Artists House, Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut

2012      Graduates of The Artists Class of Chadar Avoda Art Studio, Red House Gallery, Tel Aviv

2009      “Material, Color and Light”, The New Gallery of Design with Color, Nirlat Center, Design Center


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